Bee keeping and the production of organic Tuscan honey at Podere Tegline in Chianti

Tuscany holiday home Podere Tegline

Organic Tuscan honey

Tuscan honey from Podere Tegline
Bee hives at Podere Tegline

Podere Tegline farm is certified organic by the inspection body AIAB ICEA, meaning that we do not use pesticides, and is consequently ideal for honey bees and production of the best possible honey. Also this year, 45 hives, amounting to 800,000 bees, produced a really superfine acacia honey in June. The permanence of bees and honey production are the pride of our farm, reflecting the pristine quality of the environment. We produce acacia, wildflower and honeydew honey.

Beekeeper at Podere Tegline
Beekeeper at Podere Tegline

Giovanni Talluri

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