Stone towers were used by the Longobards for communication in ancient Chianti

Tuscany holiday home Podere Tegline

A Longobard Tower

Longobard tower
A Longobard tower incorporated into a castle

In the fifth century A.D., after the fall of the Roman Empire, the north and centre of Italy were colonised by the Longobards (Lombards), a name that means "long beards". That's why today we have the Regional name of Lombardy in north Italy. This population from Northern Europe was the bearer of a new culture and knowledge, as well as a high military organisational capacity. In the province of Siena alone, there are currently 276 main castles. This extraordinary defense and communication network is still the main physical evidence of a fascinating history. Longobard culture was integrated into the preceding Roman culture, leaving indelible traits in our present culture, in our language, customs and traditions and in gastronomy. Visit some of these castles, now offices and wineries of major vineyards, is the leitmotif of the best discovery of Chianti. Communications between main castles occurred via bright visual signals such as flags and mirrors, relayed through intermediate towers if the distance between the main castles was too great. The tower incorporated into the Podere Tegline farmhouse was and has remained one of these communication towers. From the top floor of the house, it is still possible to see the communication towers nearby - Campomaggio, Monterinaldi, Vercenni, etc ... A kind of primitive internet!!!

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